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Cobol Reporter

Cbl-Report reports the following for a Cobol program:

  • Data layout. For every data item: level, PIC clause, effective USAGE, length in bytes, byte offset from the 01 level, byte offset from the start of the section.
  • Line count, lines of code (LOC), token count in the program.
  • Number of sections, number of paragraphs, number of sentences, number of statements in the program.
  • Subsystem use (number of statements used): File IO, Sort-Merge, Report Writer, Communication Section, ANSI Accept/Display, Screen Accept/Display.
  • Inter-program Communication: Program-ID of this program, all enbtry points in the program all programs called, EXEC subsystems called.
  • Source Files: copybooks that were found (with their full names), copybooks that were not found, whether Copy Replacing or Replace statements were used.


  • Parses 14 dialects of Cobol.
  • Customizable memory model used in length and offset computation.
  • Reports on the whole program including all inlined copybooks or only on the main file of the compiled program.

Download Tool

CobolReporter shareware version with no line count restrictions is available for download now!

Please proceed to Cobol Tools Download Page. You will return here after the download.

Run Tool

Please see enclosed Tool Manual for details.

To obtain a complete report on Cobol file example.cbl, type the following at the command line prompt:

cbl-report -mem-offsets example.cbl

To obtain short report on Cobol file example.cbl (no lengths and offsets), type the following at the command line prompt:

cbl-report example.cbl
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