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MF, IBM, I-Cobol To Fujitsu Cobol Converters

These tools convert programs written in: (1) MicroFocus (mf2fsc), (2) IBM (ibm2fsc), or (3) ICobol (i2fsc) dialects to Fujitsu Cobol85.

Each tool comes in two flavors:

  • FPP series tools are day-to-day dialect converters that work as preprocessors for FSC Cobol85. That is, it looks as if Fujitsu compiler supports these dialects, while in fact FPP series tool is used to convert the code and then FSC Cobol85 compiler is called to compile the converted code.
  • SP series tools perform once-off migrations. You need to use SP series tool when you decided to migrate to FSC Cobol once and for all, and the appearance of the converted code is important. SP tools are generally more expensive and they allow to exercise a lot more control over the conversion process.


200-page mf2fsc and ibm2fsc manual is available in Adobe PDF format. It is included with the Trial Package of any tool.

Download Evaluation

Please proceed to our Cobol Converters Evaluation Page. You will return here after the download.

Run Evaluation

Convert enclosed example.cbl file to Fujitsu Cobol by typing:

mf2fsc -no-gen-src example.cbl The converted program is stored to file example.fsc. It is beautified and all copybooks are inlined.

Next, try ibm/mf to Fujitsu converter in SourcePrint mode by typing:

mf2fsc -gen-src example.cbl Notice that only the converted lines are affected. It can be verified by running: diff example.cbl example.fsc

Finally, to try SourcePrint with copybooks restoration you need to cut/paste a piece of example.cbl code into a copybook):

mf2fsc -gen-src -gen-main-dir=converted -gen-copy-dir=converted example.cbl Converted main file and copybooks appear in directory converted.

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