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Cobol Beautifier

Cbl-Beau beautifies (pretty-prints) your Cobol program. CobolBeautifier parses your program just like a real Cobol compiler and then it generates Cobol code from the resulting Cobol Program Tree.


  • Beautify any of 14 Cobol dialects or a union of any 2 of these 14 dialects.
  • Restore copybook structure. That is, both main file and included copybooks are beautified in one pass.
  • Inline copybooks, add comments that show where copybook was entered and where it was exited.
  • Customizable indentation step, maximum indentation and Cobol clause positions.
  • Generate your own line IDs in columns 73 to 80. You can specify format of the line ID using printf-like format string.
  • Add VALUE clauses to WORKING-STORAGE section data items that have no VALUE clause.
  • Normalize data item levels.
  • Add END-IF, END-SEARCH, END-EVALUATE, END-PERFORM scope delimiting statements.
  • Systematically rename all paragraphs, sections and data items giving them a steadily increasing numeric prefix or suffix formatted to your liking.
    You can specify format of the new name using printf-like format string. This format includes old name, name index, and arbitrary text. This option is usually used to add numeric prefixes or suffixes to the names in the existing program.

Download Tool

CobolBeautifier shareware version with no line count restrictions is available for download now!

Please proceed to Cobol Tools Download Page. You will return here after the download.

Run Tool

Please see enclosed Tool Manual for details.

To beautify Cobol file example.cbl written in OSVS Cobol, type the following at the command line prompt:

cbl-beau -lang=osvs example.cbl

To add numeric 4-digit leading zeros suffix to all paragraph names in file example.cbl that increases by 20 for every paragraph, type:

cbl-beau -para-name-fmt=%04d-%s -para-name-step=20 example.cbl
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