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Here are some quality Cobol Tools and Converters built with CobolTransformer. These tools and converters can be licensed directly from us or from our partners. You also can download free evaluation copy of these tools.

beautifies (pretty-prints) Cobol program. In addition to that, it can perform many important Cobol program maintenance and systematic modification tasks.

reports lengths and offsets of every data item. It also generates a wealth of other useful data about your Cobol program.

is smart Cobol source search program that accepts queries formulated in terms of Cobol language. Query Language (QL) used to write these queries is to Cobol program what SQL is to a relational data base.

MF, IBM, ICobol to Fujitsu Cobol Converters
convert various Cobol dialects to Fujitsu Cobol85. It can fully beautify the converted program or perform conversion in SourcePrint mode so that converted source may be compared to the original using line diff tool.

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