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ISG Licenses Cobol Transformer to Attack Y2K Testing

London, Ontario, Canada - August 12, 1999. Information Sciences Group (ISG) and Siber Systems announced today that ISG licensed CobolTransformer toolkit from Siber Systems. ISG will use CobolTransformer to build Year2000 Testing and Independent Validation and Verification (IV&V) tools.

"Now that remediation phase of Y2K work is completed by most companies, testing and Independent Validation and Verification (IV&V) has become really hot. Everybody wants to be sure that their system would survive the first day of new millennium.", says Brian Jones, Development Manager at ISG.

"Automating testing and IV&V requires instrumenting the Cobol code. And instrumenting Cobol code means that we need to implement a number of non-trivial Cobol code transformations. Doing this kind of transformations with high quality and predictability is hard, and our estimate is that it would take us at least two years to implement even minimal transformation engine of the quality that we require. With Year 2000 just 400 days away, this was not an option.", he continues.

"So when we learned that Siber Systems offers a CobolTransformer that provides the Cobol transformation engine that we need at a good price, we jumped at the offer. We were especially impressed by SourcePrint capability that lets us use the full power of tree/graph-based transformations and yet fully preserve the code that does not need to be changed.
We plan to use CobolTransformer as a core technology for programming our Y2K Testing and IV&V tools, and given quality of CobolTransformer, we expect to go live with our tools in one-two months", Brian continues.

Information Sciences Group is a Canadian company that provides Year2000 Testing and IV&V services.

Siber Systems is a market-leading provider of Cobol reengineering tools and libraries.

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