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SbSoft Speeds Up Conversion Using CobolTransformer

Melbourne, Australia - September 25, 1998. Superior Business Software (SBS) and Siber Systems announced today that SBS licensed Microsoft Cobol to Micro Focus NetExpress Cobol conversion tool developed by Siber Systems.

"We needed to migrate 250,000 lines of code from Microsoft Cobol to Micro Focus NetExpress. We only needed to translate File IO status codes.", said Robert Kovacic, Technical Director of Superior Business Software.

"This is a rather complicated transformation, and doing it manually would have taken us four to six months, and the amount of required testing would be tremendous, because every File IO statement is affected", he says.

"Siber Systems has offered us a converter tool that performs this transformation automatically. It only took them one week to develop the whole thing. Now we expect to complete our conversion in less than a month. Our testing now proceeds much faster, because, unlike human programmers, automatic converter does not introduce errors into the program.", Robert continues.

"We can develop converters fast, at a specific user request.", says Vadim Maslov, President of Siber Systems. "We can do it because we have a converter writer toolkit called CobolTransformer. It takes care of all the complex tasks -- parsing, code generation, program tree maintenance. All converter developer needs to do is to write a few lines of code that express conversion as a tree-based transformation.", he continues.

Superior Business Software is the premier provider of software to the office products industry in Australia.

Siber Systems is a market-leading provider of Cobol reengineering toolkits and libraries. It started to sell CobolTransformer in 1997.

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