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CobolTransformer 2.1 Released

Herndon, Virginia - February 10, 1998. Siber Systems today announced a release of Version 2.1 of CobolTransformer. CobolTransformer is a next generation Cobol reengineering and parsing toolkit that makes developing applications that need to parse and generate Cobol source an easy and satisfying job.

"Determining the conversion rules for Cobol reengineering project is hard. But when you know the rules, implementing them may be even harder: you do not want to apply the rules manually, and programming automatic conversion tool is long and tedious process", says Vadim Maslov, President of Siber Systems.

"This is where CobolTransformer SDK comes to help. CobolTransformer will do the parsing of Cobol program for you, and it will do the code generation for you. All you have to do is to write down your conversion rules in C++ and let CobolTransformer execute them automatically".

CobolTransformer was first announced in February 1997. Now, a year later, Siber Systems releases a major upgrade of the product that clearly establishes Company as a leader in full-featured Cobol conversion toolkits. The most exciting new features are:

  • The whole Cobol Program is now represented as a single Expression Tree, which gives you a serious power to analyze and change your Cobol code. 700,000-line Cobol Program Tree takes only 10Mb in memory. This means that our approach works for big programs too. And for even bigger programs we made tree parts swappable to disk, so there is no memory limit for our technology.

  • Introduced Symbol Table, Use-to-Definition and Definition-to-Use links for Named Objects to give you a complete control over namespace of your Cobol program. Effectively we compute a Data Flow Graph that represents your Cobol Program.

    Specifically, for every Name we compute a list of all Definitions for this Name. For every Use of a Named Object we have a link to the Definition of this Named Object, and for every Definition of a Named Object we have a list of links to all Uses of this Named Object.

  • Added parsers and code generators for:
    (1) Wang VS Cobol 85,
    (2) Fujitsu NetCobol (the one that generates Java bytecode).

About Siber Systems Inc.

Siber Systems, founded in 1995, is a market-leading provider of Cobol reengineering toolkits and libraries. Its main product called CobolTransformer is the first toolkit on the market to specifically address needs of developers of Cobol reengineering solutions.

CobolTransformer toolkit consists of: (1) High quality and fast Cobol parser that recognizes 12 dialects of Cobol, (2) Expression Tree-based internal representation for Cobol programs and extensive library to manipulate the trees, (3) Cobol code generator that transforms Expression trees back into human-readable Cobol code.

Companies that are using CobolTransformer have reported saving 6-12 months of development time and $100,000 or more per project by basing their conversion effort on CobolTransformer.


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