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Fujitsu Packages Siber Tools with Cobol Tool Suite

San Jose, California - February 17, 1998. Fujitsu Software Corporation and Siber Systems, Inc. today announced that Fujitsu will distribute Micro Focus COBOL to Fujitsu COBOL Converter and other COBOL automated migration and re-engineering tools developed by Siber Systems.

Enterprise companies worldwide have standardized on COBOL as the cornerstone of their mission-critical computing solutions. COBOL is one of the most versatile of programming languages. It has the power and utility of C, the ease-of-use of Basic and the self-documentary capabilities of a word processor. As customers adopt Microsoft Windows solutions in ever-increasing numbers, they are looking for ways to migrate existing legacy COBOL systems.

Siber Systems has developed CobolTransformer, an intelligent next generation COBOL re-engineering, parsing, and analyzer toolkit which supports multiple COBOL dialects. By utilizing standardized CobolTransformer components, developers are able to develop COBOL source code converters and re-engineering tools much more quickly with a higher level of quality and recovery.

Fujitsu COBOL is the highest performing, mission critical COBOL available for mainframe, UNIX, and Windows platforms. Fujitsu COBOL supports the latest ANSI and ISO standards and allows developers to access, reuse, and retarget their existing legacy COBOL applications for Client/Server and Internet platforms which empowers organizations with the best possible suite of development tools for enterprise-wide applications.

"Siber Systems has developed superb COBOL parsing and code conversion technology that fully complements our COBOL product strategy," said Todd Yancey, General Manager, Developer Tools Group for Fujitsu Software Corporation. "We look forward to having Siber Systems excellent development team work with us on integrating their technology with Fujitsu COBOL products."

Established in 1991, Fujitsu Software Corporation is a wholly owned subsidiary of Fujitsu Limited, an international leader in information technology, telecommunications, semiconductors, and other electronics devices. The Fujitsu Group of over 400 technology, software and service companies posted global revenues of more than $36 billion in the fiscal year ended March 31, 1997. Global software sales, not including operating systems, approached $2 billion.

Siber Systems, founded in 1995, is a market-leading provider of Cobol reengineering toolkits and libraries.

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