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CobolTransformer 3.1 Released

Herndon, Virginia - August 18, 1998. Siber Systems today announced a release of Version 3.1 of CobolTransformer. CobolTransformer is a next generation Cobol reengineering and parsing toolkit that serves as a base for developing applications that need to parse, convert, or generate Cobol programs.

The new CobolTransformer release addresses the Holy Grail of computer language reengineering, which is: "How can we combine the power of tree-based language transformation system with minimizing the code change that such a system creates".

Siber System solved this problem with the revolutionary SourcePrint technology, which allows developer to accurately recreate the source Cobol code from the Program Tree.

Says Vadim Maslov, President of Siber Systems: "When you are writing a conversion, all you need to know is how to transform the Program Tree. The CobolTransformer takes care of the rest -- stitching together freshly generated code fragments with the original code fragments, breaking out the output code into copybooks, etc".

The CobolTransformer is a stable and proven technology that is available since Feb. 1997. A number of commercial converters based on CobolTransformer was developed by Siber Systems and other companies.

About Siber Systems Inc.

Siber Systems, founded in 1995, is a market-leading provider of Cobol reengineering toolkits. CobolTransformer is the first toolkit on the market that specifically addresses needs of developers of Cobol reengineering solutions.

Companies that are using CobolTransformer have reported saving 6-12 months of development time and $100,000 or more per project by basing their conversion effort on CobolTransformer.


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