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IBM Licenses CobolTransformer
August 15, 2003.
Siber Systems announced today that IBM licensed CobolTransformer toolkit from Siber Systems. IBM will use CobolTransformer as a front end to a code analysis tool developed by TJ Watson Research Center.

Fujitsu Announces Availability and First Customers of Dialect Converter for ICOBOL Developed by Siber Systems
August 8, 2000.
Fujitsu Software Corporation (FSC) has announced availability of Dialect Converter for ICOBOL. FSC beta customer, Health Data Systems (HDS) of Highland Heights, Ohio likes the converter and the fact that now they can read Fujitsu Cobol data files directly into Crystal Reports.
Siber Systems has developed Dialect Converter for ICOBOL, Fujitsu Cobol Data Reader for Crystal Reports and its specialists are working on Fujitsu Software migration team.

InterTec Ltd Licenses CobolTransformer for Its Services Business
May 31, 2000.
InterTec Communications Ltd of Bangalore, India licenses CobolTransformer. It uses it as a base for building an in-house Cobol conversion product that will be used in company's extensive services business.

Sterling Software Licenses CobolTransformer for Use in COOL:Gen
November 15, 1999.
Sterling Software Application Development Group of Plano, Texas (now acquired by Computer Associates) licenses CobolTransformer for use in its COOL:Gen product (previously known as IEF Composer).

Information Sciences Group Licenses CobolTransformer to Attack Year 2000 Testing and IV&V Problem
August 12, 1999.

Cobol Report Story
1998, Vol. 2, No. 6.
Cobol Report runs a story entitled "Cobol Tools From Siber Systems" that desribes CobolGrep, CobolBeautifier and CobolReporter tools announced with CobolTransformer ver. 3.2.

CBS features our CFO in Sunday Morning
October 11, 1998.
In Sunday Morning that was aired on Sunday, October 11, CBS featured Siber Systems CFO Zachary Sapozhnin. Zachary was speaking about Siber Systems using offshore developers to improve cost structure.

Superior Business Software Speeds Up Conversion By Using Conversion Tool Developed With CobolTransformer
September 25, 1998.

CobolTransformer 3.1 Released
August 18, 1998.

Fujitsu Packages CobolTransformer Re-Engineering Tools with Cobol Tool Suite
February 17, 1998.

CobolTransformer 2.1 Released
February 10, 1998.
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