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CobolTransformer .
Product Family

Siber Systems offers CobolTransformer ® (SCT) product family that includes:

Cobol Data Readers
read Cobol data files and convert them to various non-Cobol data formats.
Includes Data-Viewer Conversion Tool and general purpose Cobol data file reader library.

Cobol Tools and Converters
CobolBeautifier, CobolGrep and CobolReporter are Cobol Code conversion and reporting tools built using CobolTransformer Toolkit. Mf2Fsc, I2Fsc, Ibm2Fsc and Y2Kfix are specific converters built using CobolTransformer Toolkit.

CobolTransformer Toolkit
C++ livrary that contains Cobol parser, Cobol Program Tree, and Cobol Code Generator that together form a base on which all other CobolTransformer products are built.

Version 4.4.5 Released

Please see News And Updates page for details.

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Technical News And Updates
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