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Success Stories

Some of the companies that already use CobolTransformer for their Cobol reengineering and conversion needs share their experiences on these pages.

Fujitsu Software Corporation

Fujitsu Software will be distributing and marketing Siber Systems Cobol conversion and maintenance products. These are quotes from a Press Release in which Todd Yancey, Director of Sales and Marketing of Fujitsu Software Corporation, talks about CobolTransformer:

"Siber Systems has developed CobolTransformer, an intelligent next generation COBOL re-engineering, parsing, and analyzer toolkit which supports multiple COBOL dialects. By utilizing standardized CobolTransformer components, developers are able to develop COBOL source code converters and re-engineering tools much more quickly with a higher level of quality and recovery."

"Siber Systems has developed superb COBOL parsing and code conversion technology that fully complements our COBOL product strategy."

Allinson Ross

Few quotes from a Complete Story in which Sandy Allinson, President of Allinson Ross, talks about his company experiences with CobolTransformer:

"We use the Siber CobolTransformer product as a core technology in the utility software we have created to migrate Cobol source code from the mainframe to new environment."

"Using a proven and reliable parsing technology has made the task of legacy code migration significantly easier for us and has resulted in the creating of tools that appear to be much more reliable and easier to maintain."

"The Siber CobolTransformer technology has worked very well for us. Siber has been very responsive in providing excellent product support. Our questions or issues have generally been resolved in one day or less."

Software Conversion House

Few quotes from a Complete Story in which Aharon Goldman, Vice-President of Development of SCH, talks about his company experiences with CobolTransformer:

"CobolTransformer allowed us to eliminate any work required for parsing and allowed us to focus our resources on the actual conversion application."

"Time to setup & start being productive was pleasantly minimal!"

"We recommend use of CobolTransformer. Our experience to date has been positive and satisfactory in all aspects."

The Source Recovery Company

Few quotes from a Complete Story in which Todd Margo, Product Manager in the SRC, talks about his company experiences with CobolTransformer:

"The CobolTransformer is robust and of high quality."

"The product [CobolTransformer] has worked very well. Customers remark favorably about the quality of the formatted recovered source code."

"The architects at Siber Systems seemed to have well understood the potential variety of applications that CobolTransformer might be subjected to -- both in the end-user and developer marketplace."

Siber Systems
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