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Mr. Sandy Allinson, president of Allinson-Ross Corporation has kindly agreed to answer our questions about his company experiences with CobolTransformer.

Q: How many employees do you have?
A: 50

Q: What was your company revenue in 1997?
A: $5M

Q: What Operating Systems and Operating Environments do you use for running and developing Cobol applications?
A: Windows NT and a variety of Unix systems.

Q: Please describe your project or product that uses CobolTransformer.
A: We are in the business of migrating legacy applications from mainframe systems to Windows NT and Unix. Most of our customers applications are written in Cobol. These programs are usually a combination of batch and on-line applications. We have developed technology to migrate customers data, control streams, and programs to new systems like Windows NT.

We use the Siber CobolTransformer product as a core technology in the utility software we have created to migrate Cobol source code from the mainframe to new environment. With CobolTransformer, we parse the legacy Cobol source code into internal (parse tables) structures which are then modified by applying the migration rules. The modified parse tables are then emitted as updated Cobol source code.

Using a proven and reliable parsing technology has made the task of legacy code migration significantly easier for us and has resulted in the creating of tools that appear to be much more reliable and easier to maintain.

Q: Describe your experiences with CobolTransformer in your project. How well did it work for your project?
A: The Siber CobolTransformer technology has worked very well for us. Siber has been very responsive in providing excellent product support. Our questions or issues have generally been resolved in one day or less.

Q: Why have you selected CobolTransformer over competition, if any? Was it price, service, quality, or something else?
A: It looked like it would do the job. The company was very responsive to our questions and the price was within our budget.

Q: How much time and/or money your company saved by using CobolTransformer?
A: This is difficult to estimate, but I would say approximately US $100,000.

Q: Are you satisfied with timeliness and quality of Customer Support?
A: Very satisfied.

Q: Do you have any additional comments?
A: I would highly recommend CobolTransformer to any organization who may need this type of technology.

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