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Data Conversion Service

Data Conversion Service

Using DataViewer requires knowledge of Cobol data formats and general programming experience. If you find this tool to be too complicated, you can use our Data Conversion Service instead. This is how it works:

  • (1) You need to discover layout of Cobol data file for which you do not have Cobol source program or Cobol copybook. You will use this layout to convert your Cobol data file to one of the standard formats (CSV, DBF, etc) or to read your Cobol data file directly in your C++ or Java application.

  • (2) You download DataViewer Trial Package (below) and see if it can read your data file. If it can read your datafile, it will show first 50 records of your data file.
    Even if DataViewer cannot recognize you data file, we still recommend to do the next step, because our experts may be able to tune DataViewer to recognize your data file format.

  • (3) You send your data file(s) to our e-mail address for further investigation. Producing a good record layout requires some manual work, and we will need original data files to complete this work.
    We will keep your data files strictly confidential and we can sign NDA that obliges us to keep it confidential. Also you do not need to send us data files with confidential data, instead you can send us a generated data file that contains non-confidential test data and we can dicover file format based on this sample data file.

  • (4) If we can extract the file layout data, we will tell you how much it will cost to get this layout data (minimum charge is $895). If we cannot extract the layout data, then we will *not* charge you.

  • (5) If you agree to pay the requested amount, you issue a PO or pay the amount by credit card and we release the file layout data to you.

Questions? Call +1-877-762-6367 (int. +1-703-218-1851)

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